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About Us

Through our ‘arbn Labs’ division we develop then deploy highly scientific & scalable software / hardware solutions to combat  industry challenges.  We do this through strategic collaboration  with world leading academic partners, research institutions and corporate R&D facilities to  further enhance our service offering worldwide.

Project Pipeline



Completed projects 

Developing sensor software

That can optimise the indoor environment to improve the health and well being of occupants 

Project Name:

arbn well

Status: Complete

Predicting better energy use in buildings

Including manage operational energy performance in buildings,
enabling energy managers to benchmark, forecast and control energy usage.

Project Name:

arbn insight

Status: Complete

Research areas 


To automate the measurement and collation of near real-time building performance data

Status: ongoing

Machine Learning

To automatically suggest the most appropriate retrofit options in a given building

Status: Ongoing

R&D projects

Digital Energy Efficiency Platform (DEEP)

Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) funded feasibility study on energy efficiency measures for SMEs.

Status: complete

Improving housing management to enhance health outcomes

GovTech Catalyst project exploring smart sensors to enhance health and wellbeing in domestic properties. 

Status: complete

Combining air quality monitoring with Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system

Addressing indoor air quality through smart HVAC systems.

Status: ongoing


Indoor Environment Monitoring for Heriot Watt University’s Solar Decathlon Middle East 2020 entry. 

Status: ongoing

Resilience Testing of Building Performance

This project seeks to standardise performance assessments in relation to the energy resilience of new building designs and retrofits.

Status: ongoing

Our Team

Bringing together the world’s best minds to develop then deploy innovative software  solutions to global challenges.

Key Skills 

With decades of combined technical, academic and commercial experience, the labs team will focus on developing scientific solutions to some of the biggest challenges in the built environment. Bringing considerable experience in the fields of building energy modelling, data analytics, smart building technologies, the study of occupant behaviour in buildings and more.

Building Modeling 


Data Analytics 

Front End and Back End Development 

Key partnerships


’The success of being awarded two Knowledge Transfer Partnerships by the University of Strathclyde is evidence of the strength and breadth of the arbn Labs team. I am delighted to be part of the success story and continue to support arbn Labs and the wider arbnco business  in their many innovative R&D projects

Joe Clarke

Director of the Energy Systems Research Unit (ESRU) , University of Strathclyde

’UC Davis Energy and Efficiency Institute leads the way in advancing impactful energy and energy efficiency solutions. We focus on addressing critical energy challenges and improving energy use through research, education, and engagement. We are delighted to be collaborating  with the sophisticated team at  arbn Labs to solve evolving, critical energy-related problems with speed and scale


Benjamin Finkelor

Executive Director, UC Davis Energy and Efficiency Institute


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