E-Services KTP

Generating automated insights from your building data 

The project investigates cost-effective and flexible solutions combining system connectivity and pre-defined analytics to scan your raw building data and convert it in real-time into meaningful information to support decision making and/or trigger operation and maintenance activities.

Integration with existing building monitoring

Flexible configuration per user requirements  

Insights delivered by preferred channel 




Accepts a range of building data streams

Custom User configuration

Accepts a range of building data streams



Delivers insight extracted from data

Designed for specific problem 

Clear and straight forward notification message 

Low cost


Can be integrated with existing monitoring 

Does not require full platform 

Designed for minimum equipment availability

Case Study

Type of building – Conference Centre

Problem definition

Organisation invested in a grid connected PV system to decrease carbon emissions however the real-world performance of the installed integrated system was unknown

Data used

Readings from PV total generation meter exported from buildings energy management system

Weather data from external API 

PV system specification

Service Provided

PV system performance tracker and fault detection alerts

The service informs the user if the performance of the installed PV system is below that expected for the particular system specification under local weather conditions.

Channel of Delivery

Automatic weekly report delivered via email 

Alert notification sent via messaging app